Bachelor theses

Topics for Bachelor theses:

If you are interested in a Bachelor thesis in the group "Environmental Modelling in the Climate System", please contact Prof. Dr. Holger Tost directly.

  • Detection of convective clouds from geostationary satellite data(Erkennung von konvektiven Wolken anhand geostationärer Satellitendaten)Based on the MSG cloud mask or other properties (Cloud top temperature, Cloud optical thickness), the task would be to identify convective cloud systems with various criteria, e.g. cloud cluster size, time evolution of the cloud field (dissipation time), based on a manual detection scheme.
    Additionally, the convective clouds / cloud clusters should be detected with an e.g. gradient based detection algorithm. Once a detection algorithm is functional, the organisation of convection with the help of organisation indices should be described and analysed.
    The combination of these approaches could build the foundation for an improved machine learning algorithm.
  • Organisation of convective clouds based on superparameterised model output(Analyse des Organisationsgrades konvektiver Wolken basierend auf Modelloutput)Model simulations applying a convective superparameterisation can provide detailed global information about small scale features of convection. The project aims at analysing the degree of organisation of convection with typical organisation indices across the CRM cells within one GCM grid cell. This should be performed for various regions and seasons. A key point of the analysis is whether the degree of organisation is consistent across the GCM gridcells.
  • Analysis of ensemble spread based on random perturbations
  • Statistical analysis of precipitation patterns from global model simulations

Additional topics can be discussed on request.