Master theses

Topics for Master theses:

If you are interested in a Master thesis in the group "Environmental Modelling in the Climate System", please contact Prof. Dr. Holger Tost directly.

  • Simulations of organised convection with a cloud resolving model system
    This project will develop a scenario with a cloud resolving model (CM1 or SAM) in which the organisation of convection can be simulated. With the help of sensitivity simulations, conditions under which organisation occurs will be determined, such as surface temperatures, evaporation flux strength, details of cloud microphysics, etc.
  • Online diagnostics of convective organisation using a superparameterised GCM.
    Within this project the candidate is expected to develop online-diagnostics for convective organisation of convective events simulated with a superparameterised GCM. For this purpose, these diagnostics have to be implemented into the superparameterisation and simulations analysing the degree of convective organisation shall be performed. The degree of organisation should be compared to observations from the satellite platforms.
  • Satellite simulators for climate models
  • Lidar / Ceilometer simulator implementation in the COSMO model and comparison with ceilometer data from the IPA Mainz.
  • Chemistry climate interactions
  • Chemical and microphysical modelling of aerosol particles
  • Cloud chemistry

Additional topics can be discussed on request.