EMAC submodels

At the IPA at JGU Mainz the following list of MESSy submodels have been developed and are maintained by H. Tost (in alphabetical order):

  • AEROPT - a submodel which determines the aerosol optical properties to be used in the radiation scheme
  • CAT - a submodel for clear air turbulence and associated tracer transport
  • CLOUD - a submodel for grid scale cloud calculations with various parameterisation options
  • CONVECT - a submodel for convection including several different convection parameterisations
  • CRM - a submodel for a cloud/convection superparameterisation
  • CVTRANS - a submodel for convective tracer transport (with links to scavenging)
  • GMXE - an aerosol submodel which comprises both aerosol microphysical and chemical processes in various degrees of complexity
  • LNOX - a submodel comprising different parametrisations for lightning
  • SATSIMS - a submodel for diagnostic calculations of satellite simulators
  • SCAV - a submodel for aqueous phase chemistry and scavenging of trace gases and aerosols
  • VEG - a submodel providing an interface to the LPJ/GUESS dynamic vegetation model