Ongoing projects
  • Regional aerosol pollution in the Rhein-Main area (Barra, Fallmann, Tost)
  • Urban effects on air quality and climate (Fallmann, Barra, Tost)
  • Biological aerosol particles (Barthelmehs, Tost)
  • Convection and predictability (Groot, Tost)
  • Convective tracer transport and scavenging (Taverna, Tost)
  • (Super-)Parameterised convection for large-scale models (Rybka, Tost)
  • Multiphase chemistry in aerosols and clouds (Tost)
  • Aerosol-Cloud Climate interactions (Tost)
  • Impact of vegetation in Earth System Modelling (Tost, Forrest)
  • Turbulence in large scale models (Tost, Kaiser, Hoor)


Finished projects
  • Predictibility of climate on the meso-scale (Pankatz, Kerkweg)
  • Two way nesting in regional and global modelling (Hofmann, Kerkweg)
  • Atmospheric dust aerosol (Tost)
  • Climate and atmospheric mixing of the early Earth (Schneider, Tost)
  • Parameterised lightning for large-scale models (Bittermann, Tost)
  • Precipitation quality (Schreiber, Tost)
  • Aerosol scavenging by solid hydrometeors (L├╝ttmer, Tost)
  • Aerosol-Photolysis interactions (Klinkert, Tost)
  • The global HCN budget (Fleger, Tost)