Giorgio Taverna, PhD



Institute for Atmospheric Physics
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
J.-J.-Becherweg 21
55128 Mainz

Room: 04-141 (former: 416)

Phone: +49-(0)6131-39-23395







Research Interests
  • Assessment of the vertical transport of climate relevant chemical species via Monsoon Systems (TOMCAT 3D CTM).
  • Interannual variablity of the strength of confinement in the Asian Summer Monsoon anticyclone.
  • Impact of stratospheric injection of mineral dust particles for geo-engineering strategies.
  • Improvement of the subModular Earth Submodular SYstem (MESSY) model for a better representation of the interaction between aerosol, clouds and convected chemical species.
  • Application of the Fractional Calculus for a better understanding of atmospheric boundary layer transport.
Short CV

since 12/2019: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Institute of Atmospheric Physics
10/2014 - 02/2020: PhD in Atmospheric Chemistry, Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science, Leeds, UK.
06/2006 - 02/2013:MSc in Physics, Sapienza Universita’ di Roma, Italy.

Selected Publications

Taverna, G.S. and Torres, D.F.M. (2015) ’Generalized fractional operators for nonstandard Lagrangians’, Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, 38, pp. 1808-1812. doi:10.1002/mma.3188.

Werner, B., Stutz, J., Spolaor, M., Scalone, L., Raecke, R., Festa, J., Colosimo, F., Cheung, R., Tsai, C., Hossaini, R.,Chipperfield, M.P.,Taverna, G. S., Feng, W., Elkins, J. W., Fahey, D.W., Gao, R.S., Hintsa,E.J., Thornberry, T.D., Moore, F.L., Navarro, M.A., Atlas, E., Daube,
B., Pittman,J., Wofsy, S.C. and Pfeilsticker, K. (2017) ’Probing the subtropical lowermost stratosphere and the tropical upper troposphere and tropopause layer for inorganic bromine’, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 17(2), pp. 1161-1186. doi: 10.5194/acp-17-1161-2017.

Garra, R., Taverna, G.S. and Torres, D.F.M. (2017) ’Fractional Herglotz variational principles with generalized Caputo derivatives’, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 102, pp. 94-98. doi:10.1016/j.chaos.2017.04.035.

Moon, D.R.,Taverna, G.S., Anduix-Canto, C., Ingham, T., Chipperfield, M.P., Seakins, P.W., Baeza-Romero, M., Heard, D.E. (2018) ’Heterogeneous reaction of HO2 with airborne TiO2 particles and its implication for climate change mitigation strategies’, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 18, pp. 327-338. doi:

Issoglio, E., Garra R. and Taverna, G.S. ’Fractional Brownian motions ruled by non-linear equations’, accepted in Applied Mathematics Letters.

Giorgio S. Taverna: 'Can organic intellectuals help to better communicate controversial scientific findings to the public opinion? A hint from geo-engineering', Gramsci Centre for the Humanities

Taverna, G.S., Chipperfield , M.P., Pope, R. and, Feng, W. ’Evaluating the impact of TiO2 particles in the stratospheric ozone and clorine ODSs’ ,in preparation.