CRM is the implementation of a super-parametrisation, i.e. a cloud resolving model in each EMAC gridcell. This submodel replaces classical cloud and convection schemes, and calculates cloud microphysics and cloud dynamics by an ensemble of individual clouds represented by an ensemble of individual small cloud cells. This does not mean that the cloud processes are higher resolved, but also that the individual subgrid-scale clouds cannot be attributed to specific locations within a GCM cell. It only allows a better description of cloud dynamics, cloud interactions, etc. on the convection permitting scale.
The submodel is based on SAM model, which is applied in each GCM gridcell. The coupling to the large-scale is done via the SMIL, which also remembers the state of each CRM cell from one GCM timestep to the next. Note that there is no communication of the CRM cells across the GCM boundaries, except for the coupling via the GCM scale.