The Convective Tracer Transport submodel calculates the transport of tracers due to convection.

The scheme uses the convective mass fluxes and entrainment / detrainment rates from the chosen parametrisation from the CONVECT module. Those are internally closed - in case that might be necessary due to different behaviour below the convective cloud base or at the top of the convective event. The transport uses a monotonic, positive definite and mass conserving algorithm following bulk approach. Entrainment and detrainment are allowed in each layer (also in the same).

In case of convective precipitation there is a link to the Scavenging Submodule to keep track of the mutual
dependency of both transport processes.
The original code was written by Mark Lawrence from the MPI for Chemistry and applied for the
Zhang/Hack/McFarlane convection scheme including bulk and plume ensemble approach, but the plume ensemble is not implemented by now as the information is usually not available from convection parameterisations.
More information can be given on demand,